Agilent Technologies

Commercial Project in Mulgrave

  • Design and construct conference room facility, staff training room, staff canteen, storage room & hallways
  • Demolition of existing facilities
  • Clad the exterior of the building
  • Design and construct new pump house
  • Asphalt/Line mark Car parks/facility
  • Design and construct meeting rooms/offices

Challenges encountered during the project

  • Client didn’t have a scope of works – we worked together to develop a scope of works
  • Various sections of the works couldn’t be inspected until demolition
  • Timeline for handover was tight

How we overcame those challenges

  • We had to use our previous experience to foresee and resolve issues
  • Daily tool box meetings and goal-setting
  • Weekly site meetings
  • Production scheduling
  • Engaging extra workers as required

Outcomes/results for Agilent

  • Staff are much happier with modern facilities
  • Facility is now able to be used for International clients

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