Sea on quay

Commercial Project in Docklands

  • Construction of Fish Bar and adjoining office block

Why Sea on Quay chose Bryant Builders

  • We had worked with this client before on other successful projects
  • Could deliver value for money – project needed to be completed within a budget
  • Client required a builder with an eye for detail and someone who could deliver the project on-time

Challenges encountered during the project

  • Architect engaged for project had limited knowledge on food handling specifications and codes, resulting in plans/specs not working as intended
  • Client regularly changed their mind – often completing works numerous times until Client was satisfied
  • Building services ( Gas / Electricity / Mechanical Services ) undersized for project

How we overcame those challenges

  • We used our previous knowledge with retail fit-outs to work through the scope
  • Communication with the client on a daily basis was key to be able to move forward
  • Worked together with the Building Manager to resolve Services issues

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