Commercial Project in Clayton

  • Construction of a new pump house

Why Telstra chose Bryant Builders

  • Long relationship with client
  • Knowledge and experience with pump house facilities
  • Value for money

Challenges encountered during the project

  • Discovered engineer had designed the tank slab incorrectly
  • Access to the construction site
  • 24 hour live site – could be stood down at any time due to facility activities
  • Work in conjunction with contractors that we hadn’t previously dealt with

How we overcame these challenges

  • Scheduling and paperwork was critical to project success
  • Strong communication between all stakeholders to remain on track
  • Daily site meeting and Tool Box meetings
  • Constant radio contact with Telstra project managers
  • Had to re-design the tank slab to suit client’s specifications

Outcomes/results for Telstra

  • Can now provide over 200,000 litres of backup water to their cooling systems
  • Facility is now fail-safe and can offer continuous cooling supply to entire property

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